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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 27, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. heartland horror. midwest towns are swamped by killer floods. this boy, plucked from the raging waters, as emergency officials take desperate actions. why they may blow a two-mile-wide hole in a levee. and breaking overnight, six american service members killed just hours ago by an afghan air force pilot. we'll talk to former president george w. bush in an exclusive, live interview. the big royal run-through. all the queen's horses and all the queen's men hit the london streets at sunrise, in a d all breathtaking rehearsal for operation wedding. plus, majestic fakeout? kate takes the wheel sporting a new do.
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perhaps giving a clue to her wedding day look. we are live in london, counting down to the wedding of the century. from abc news, live in times square in new york, and at buckingham palace in london, wednesday, april 27th, 2011. this is a special edition of "good morning america," live at the royal wedding, with robin roberts and george stephanopoulos. oh, good morning, america. we are live, just outside buckingham palace. and actually, good afternoon, london. great to have you here with us. we have new york represented. seattle represented. detroit. wisconsin. all counting down. can you believe it? less than two days to go until will and kate's wedding. and there was a dress rehearsal of sorts today, with the military. they were all out in the streets, practicing, rehearsing,
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making sure everything will be spot-on on friday. and the rehearsal went without a hitch. we'll talk a lot about buckingham palace. the balcony. that's where royal history has been made and royal marriages have been sealed, of course, with a kiss, george. so, a lot to talk about again this morning from london. >> robin, it's so good to see you surrounded by a little piece of home out there in london. and it looks gorgeous today. do they say the rain might hold off on friday? >> you know, it's beautiful today. yesterday, was a little sketchy. but they're still not certain. come friday, they're still calling for the possibility of rain. but we still have two days to go. >> two days. >> we'll see what mother nature has in store for us. >> we'll get to you in a little bit. of course, we have weather problems here at home. that march of storms slamming the midwest and south. now, 600 tornados have been reported this month. that's the most ever in april. sam and our team have been tracking all the latest. and we want to begin with jeremy hubbard in louisville, kentucky, where they declared a state of
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emergency, jeremy. as you see, you're surrounded by water. the floodwaters just keep rising. >> reporter: that's right, george. good morning. it is raining here again this morning. the last thing they need, as you can see. this is river road in downtown louisville. a fitting name. it's been swallowed up by the ohio river. and this morning, nearly every major river in this part of the country is spilling out of its banks. the growing threat this morning, rising watters. the mighty mississippi, the ohio, the black river, unleashed and overflowing after a deluge of rain. as much as 16 inches in 5 days. >> the water, it just started coming up. >> reporter: in downtown louisville, kentucky, roads have disappeared. street lamps submerged. the flooding not just affecting people. these deer in louisville, searching for higher ground. >> we still have four inches of rain still to come. >> reporter: and look at this video. firefighters in northern ohio rescued this teenage boy from a rushing river, after he went in
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for a missing basketball. in missouri this morning, homes are still under water after the black river overflowed its levee in more than 30 different places tuesday. abc's barbara pinto is there. >> that levee breached to the south of here brings relief to residents here in poplar bluff. this is pouring into rural farmland. there are less people there. but it makes rescues more difficult. >> reporter: in the confluence of the mississippi and ohio rivers, emergency officials are considering blowing up a two-mile-wide hole in a levee, to ease the onslaught of water. but they have kept it from happening, saying it would demolish crops and homes. in arkansas, six people drowned after their cars were swept away in high water. here in louisville, the ohio river is on pace for its highest level in 14 years. the water is still climbing. it's not supposed to crest until tomorrow night. george? >> jeremy, thanks. you mentioned the
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floodwaters in arkansas, as well. ryan owens is in vilonia, arkansas, where they were hit so hard by the tornadoes. >> reporter: good morning, george. we're getting a first look inside the neighborhood where so many here lost their lives. believe it or not, i'm standing in what remains of a family's home. and look at the mess around me. obviously, people wanted to clean this up. but they couldn't do it yesterday because the tornado sirens went off for the second day in a row. >> oh, my god. violent circulation. >> reporter: across the southern plains, another terrifying night. another life lost. and even more homes destroyed. >> there we go. tornado right there, doing damage. >> reporter: this twister touched down in the tiny east texas town of ben wheeler. slicing this mobile home in half and seriously injuring the woman inside. >> the winds came real strong. luckily we didn't get hit. unfortunate other people did. >> reporter: overnight, more than 45 tornadoes hit 5 states,
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bringing the death toll to 11. and that was just in the south. this system reached all the way to michigan, where lightning struck nine people. >> i've actually driven into a couple tornadoes. >> reporter: into? >> yes, into a couple tornadoes. >> reporter: andy has been storm chasing since the day he got his driver's license. and he has never seen an april like this. >> may is generally considered the hardest tornado season. we're getting close. it's the end of april now. but it's already been pretty wild. i can't even imagine may. it's going to be pandemonium. >> reporter: the people here in central arkansas are hoping for a bit of a break later today. perhaps they can finally start cleaning up. the forecast, as i understand it, has most of the severe weather to the east. but the man who knows that is sam champion. and he's got a look ahead, now. sam? >> yeah. there's much more of that coming, ryan, through that area.
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it's hard to pick which effect is worse of the storms, the flooding or the tornadoes. the flooding is longer lasting. so, let's look at that. we have river markings and gauges on every river in the middle of the country. see the ones in purple and red? those are running at moderate or major flooding. and there's about 167 of those gauges are at that level right now. let's get in close to this area. we'll show you the ohio river, through there. and the mississippi river, through here. yes, you would expect all that to be flooding because of the melt and the heavy rains in that zone. but a little town like poplar bluff, missouri, along the black river, has flooding in that region. here's the problem with the levees built there. they built the levees on the side of the rivers to keep the water inside. when you watch the rain, it's because the water is so strong, that it breaks the earth and rock levees and water flows through them. sometimes we said, they will bust a levee north of a city or upstream of a city, to flood a
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farmland area and not flood the city's zone. we'll look at that this morning. >> a lot more tough stuff coming. sam, thanks very much. now, let's go back to robin out in london. big rehearsal this morning. >> oh, yes. we're outside buckingham palace right now, george. big rehearsal, indeed, with the military. there's going to be a dress rehearsal of sorts, later today at westminster abbey. that's where we're going to see kate and will. they will be taking part in the rehearsals, we believe. we know right now, there is our nick watt, who has all the latest royal news for us. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, robin. from over here at the abbey, now. it was right here, just before dawn, that it was all happening. as you said, all the king's horses and all the king's men, out for a full, military dress rehearsal for friday. take a look at these pictures. out of nowhere, through the darkness, 4:00 a.m., 1,000 cavalrymen. the royal limousines. the pomp and pageantry, almost
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the whole shebang. >> all but the bride and groom. >> reporter: how about the bride and groom? william's flight instructor will know how he's feeling. >> he'll appear as confident as he always is. >> reporter: what about kate? >> the suggestion from one of her friends is that she's struggling to sleep at the moment. and she keeps having a recuring dream, that i imagine a lot of brides get. there she is at the front of westminster abbey, but with no wedding dress on. >> reporter: here she is, at the wheel. check out the hair. looks like a wedding do to me. >> i think kate might be playing a clever game here. she's letting the paparazzi photographers that she loathes so much, get the idea that sh is the big picture, this is the hair-do. >> reporter: what the glorious abbey decorations look like. >> rather than flowers, they have 8 20-foot trees. >> reporter: this morning, the
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queen is visiting the city of cambridge. interesting. a sign that our newlyweds will be named the duke and duchess of cambridge? robin, we are hearing those whispers that later today, william and kate themselves will be here. they'll sneak in through a side door for their own rehearsal. less than 48 hours they're doing it for real. robin? >> tick, tock. tick, tock. nick, thank you so much. joining us now, so wonderful to have her here in london with us, none other than tina brown, editor in chief of "newsweek," and "the daily beast." >> great to see you. >> great to see you, too, tina. we heard nick talk about at westminster. and they're going to try to sneak will and kate into a side door at some point. how can they do that? >> it's fun, of course, the notion that this utterly wild, public event, there's anything such as sneaking in a side door. that's part of the amusement.
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trying to pretend it's a private, family occasion. >> and we're hearing conflicting reports about prince william. some say he's as calm as can be. others say he's very nervous. what are you hearing about his state right now? >> prince william's m.o. is to be seen absolutely composed. utterly casual, modern, contemporary. but actually, he's quite a worrier. and he's a man who really has wanted to do the right thing all his life. and in that sense, he's like his father. except in his case, he carries it with much more ease. i'm told before he went out on the flying sorties, he would spend time in his room, in his uniform, being composed, trying to get ahold of his nerves. i'm sure that's the same way now. >> he always tried to do the right thing. something we admire about him. you have said all along, you can expect that we're going to see them having children, rather quickly. >> of course. kate's prime function now is to breed. >> when you put it like that --
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>> breed, produce the heir and the spare as fast as she can. there are twins in her family. wouldn't that be great? >> that would throw a whole -- >> a grandmother had a twin. her great grandmother was one of twins. it could be twins in the future. >> only you can say it like that, tina. good to have you here with us. we'll be spending much time with you in the next 48 hours or so. let's go back to george in new york. >> thanks, robin. want to switch and go to sharyn alfonsi. more details on the deadly ambush in afghanistan. >> breaking news. an attack near the airport in afghanistan. a conflicting report about the number of americans killed. martha raddatz joins us live. what do we know? >> reporter: good morning, sharyn. this is changing all the time. we just got an update. there were eight nato service members killed in this attack. we do not know how many americans. we know at least one american was killed and four injured. but they're still looking into this. apparently an afghan national pilot opened fire on these
7:13 am
international force members, killing several. there was apparently some kind of confrontation. this is a training area at the kabul international airport, away from the civilian airport. but he opened fire. and this is changing all the time. sharyn? >> all right. we're going to continue watching that. martha, we're hearing about big changes this morning at the cia and at the pentagon? >> reporter: very big changes. apparently, david petraeus, we can report, the general now in afghanistan, and has been in iraq before that, is heading for the cia. he will be nominated to take over as director. and the director of the cia, now, leon panetta, will go to the defense department. >> thank you. martha raddatz this morning in washington. we'll continue following both of those stories. the man accused of trying to blow up a colorado mall heads to court today. earl moore was arrested in a grocery store in boulder, tuesday, ending a nearly week-long manhunt. authorities say there's no connection between his plot and the columbine shooting anniversary. millions of gamers may have had their credit card information stolen. sony says hackers attacked a
7:14 am
playstation online network, swiping names, addresses and passwords. there's no evidence credit card numbers were taken. but sony says it is a possibility. and finally, any aliens looking to make contact with the earth may find the number has been disconnected. you can blame federal budget cuts. the radio dishes that have been scanning space for possible signals from extra terrestrials have been turned off. astronomers say they've run out of money to fund the $50 million alien search program. $50 million. maybe if the aliens really want to communicate with us, they should just text. it would be cheaper. you're welcome, taxpayers. that's the news at 7:14. >> we'll start it right now. thanks very much. let's go back to sam for another check on the weather. hey, sam. >> hey, george. there's heavy storms out. northern alabama has tornado warnings out right now. heavy rain in the strong storms. the biggest rainfall total from nashville, little rock. that makes the flooding worse.
7:15 am
we have another severe outbreak in weather today. from memphis to birmingham, alabama. and i would include this all the way towards atlanta. it's likely we'll see another outbreak of tornadoes during the day today.
7:16 am
this is the third day of our tornado outbreak. and, george, this could be the toughest tornadoes of the session. >> no relief yet. sam, thanks very much. it's time for our exclusive interview with former president george w. bush. he joins us from texas, where he is leading the warrior 100, a mountain bike ride with servicemen and women seriously wounded in iraq and afghanistan. and bringing along one of your riders. it's great to see you. >> yeah. thanks, george. i appreciate you giving chris and me a chance to come on your show. >> we're happy to have you. and i want to talk more about your mission in this ride. first, your reaction to this heartbreaking news out of afghanistan. another deadly ambush.
7:17 am
several americans may have been killed. >> yeah. of course, our hearts go out to the families of those who have lost a loved one. and you know, it's -- anytime a life is lost, it's a tragedy. >> let me ask you about what you're trying to do here with this three-day ride. it's not going to be an easy one. what message are you trying to send this morning? >> first of all, we're here in south texas, riding 100 kilometers on mountain bikes, with people like chris, who were severely wounded in combat. the message is this. one, i hope america takes a look at chris and realize that you can overcome unbelievable obstacles. secondly, we're honoring groups that have helped these wounded warriors recover. thirdly, it gives me a chance to, in my retirement, to get
7:18 am
some exercise. we're going to have a special day today. we got lance armstrong leading. and in about an hour, we're going to go charging across the texas desert. and it's been an unbelievable experience. >> and, chris, the president -- the president mentioned this. your story really is unbelievably inspiring. you lost a leg in iraq back in 2005. wounded in battle. yet, you came back to actually serve two eight-month tours in iraq. now, you're going to be riding 100 miles on a bike. >> yes, sir. i got the opportunity to go back to active duty. more soldiers like myself get to stay on active duty. and the return to iraq was kind of like completing the circle. you know? i left something behind. and we got to go back and complete the mission. >> george, let me tell you something about this guy. so, yesterday, i crank it up as hard as i can. admittedly, i'm about to receive medicare. nevertheless, i'm riding pretty
7:19 am
good. and this guy is on my back wheel for 30 miles. >> with one leg. >> yeah. with one leg. we have other athletes like chris here. and chris brought his wife down here. lajitas is a fabulous place to ride mountain bikes and play golf. although, none of us are playing golf. >> it sounds like you're going to have an amazing three days, for a very important cause. mr. president, before i let you go. breaking things this morning. the man you sent to iraq to man the surge, david petraeus, is coming back to washington to run the cia. and leon panetta at the pentagon. what's your reaction to that? >> you know, both of them are good men. i have the great respect for david petraeus. i got to know him well. i also got to know leon panetta, not as good as i did david. and both are good public servants. is this gossip or truth? >> it's truth. we're reporting it this morning.
7:20 am
it's being announced later this week. >> just because you're reporting it, as you might recall -- >> i'm fairly confident on this one this morning, mr. president. >> okay. >> i'm glad you're getting the endorsement. something else that a lot of americans are dealing with right now, the high gas prices. now that you're a civilian, i guess you have to pump your own gas, as well. what do you say to americans? and you had to deal with this as president, as well. looking at the price of the pump, saying, there must be something you can do about it. >> i would suggest americans understand how supply and demand works. and if you restrict supplies of crude, gas prices go up. i appreciate you giving me the opine of all of the measures of the day, but i made the decision to support causes i'm interested
7:21 am
in, without feeling i have to give an opinion on every issue. >> i appreciate that. >> so, you're still going to try, nevertheless. you haven't lost a step, stephanopoulos. >> neither have you, mr. president because you ran out the clock on me. >> there you go. >> thank you very much for coming on this morning, for bringing sergeant self on, as well. it's an incredibly important cause. you're going to be helping a lot of veterans' families and sending an important message to the rest of the country about these brave young men and women have done for our country. thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> thanks, george. >> so long. and coming up here on "gma," much more on the royals. plus, reality bites. the stunning twist in the murder-for-hire trial. andrea canning takes us inside that case. and lindsay lohan books a new job. why she's heading to the morgue to mop up. and what size are you really? the groundbreaking technology that will change the way you
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now mayor leap most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate pi weatherate. #:26a warm cloudy morning-- 7:26. a warm cloudy morning. we are watching a different view. flare-up of storms off the coast a couple ribbons of rain. one actually looks like it may
7:27 am
pass to the south and maybe to the south of annapolis and clip the eastern shore this morning. we have this cluster on back toward the west. that is prime target for the severe storms. a slight risk here in centralmaryland west of the bay. and further down to the south that's where the high risk zone is for the tornado outbreak later today. for us, showers and storms more likely. there will be a slight risk they are severe with damaging wind and hail. here kim with traffic. >> reporter: we are looking at moderate volume around the beltway. not causing major days. speed are down just slightly -- delays. speeds are down slightly but no major incidents around 95 or 695. looking at the maps, we have reports of debris on the roadway at outer loop at york road. not reported to be blocking lanes. traffic lights service got restored at honeygo and perry hall and a crash cleanup in essex continues at back river neck road and williams avenue. here's megan with your morning news update. >> thanks so much. good morning to you. tonight after we say farewell
7:28 am
to william donald schaefer, we will remember a teenage girl. there will be a candlelight vigil in memory of phylicia barnes many people line up between wabash and reisterstown roadth where show was last soon alive. yesterday we learn the identity of another body found with barnes in the susquehanna river. police say it's 53-year-old darryl harper from richmond virginia. there appears to be no ex connection between the two. -- no connection between the two. they are trying to determine cause of death for barnes. see you in just a bit. have a great day.
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♪ we are back, live, in london, england, just outside buckingham palace. great crowd that's here with us again. two days, of course, until the wedding. and some friday, everywhere you look, there are going to be people, as far as the eye can see. there will be people on friday. and the world will be watching. you can go over there and see the broadcast that is setup. the broadcasters from all around the world are here. and right next door, canada gate.orld are here. 1908. we have a few canadians here
7:31 am
that are cheering. and, of course, buckingham palace, friday, after the wedding, it is going to be party central because it's going to be an after-party, after the wedding. who is going to be there? the guests that will be invited -- i can tell you who is not going to be there, queen elizabeth. he's going to get out of dodge with prince philip and leave it to the young folks. we'll talk more about the young royals, coming up in this half hour. >> you're breaking my heart. queen elizabeth is not going to be there to do a star turn to "dancing queen"? >> i know. wouldn't that be perfect? it would be appropriate. >> we'll get back to you in a little bit. we have a lot going on here, as well. lindsay lohan speaking out about her latest stay in jail. and what she has to say about her next real-life role as janitor in the county morgue. she got a standing ovation on "leno" last night. and the innovation heading to a store near you.
7:32 am
first, a shocking twist in the case of a florida wife caught on tape taking a contract out on her husband. yesterday, dalia dippolito said she was caught up in an elaborate hoax and that her husband masterminded the whole plot. andrea canning joins us on this case. that was a jaw-dropper. >> reporter: defense attorneys talked about "jersey shore," "balloon boy," and the white house crashers all in an opening statement. not a typical defense. but the husband and wife in this case are huge reality tv fans. dalia dippolito appeared in a candid camera-type show. was it the need for fame that could have led this couple to carry out the unthinkable? dalia dippolito stands on trial for trying to hire someone to murder her husband. in 2009, detectives set up an undercover sting operation, that included telling her that her husband had been killed. >> he's been killed.
7:33 am
he's been killed, ma'am. >> reporter: but mike dippolito was alive. and his wife was under arrest. it's a case that is shaping up to be better than any reality show. and on day one of testimony, an early bombshell from the defense. >> the plot for the contract killing of mike dippolito was never real. >> reporter: they claim reality television was behind it all. the defense argued tuesday that it was michael himself, a convicted felon on probation at the time, who orchestrated the entire thing. alleging that he is a fan of shows like "jersey shore." >> let me go. >> reporter: and "cheaters." >> i'll give you three things to get out. and i'm popping another one. >> reporter: which led him to plan a fake murder-for-hire, so he and his wife could get their own show. >> it was a stunt, that mike dippolito, whether he'll admit it or not, hoped to capture the attention of someone in the world of reality tv. >> reporter: the defense claimed
7:34 am
while being questioned by police, dahla dalia asked her h to step in and say it was a hoax. they never did. they also painted mike dippolito as a man seeking attention. >> it was a bad prank. >> reporter: but in the opening statement, the prosecution portrayed dalia as a cold-blooded killer. he asked her, are you sure you want to kill him? as if she had ice running through her veins, she says, there's no changing. i'm determined already. >> reporter: during the final phase of jury selection yesterday, dalia's attorney, michael salnick, asked about the jury's perceptions of reality tv. if they thought it was scripted to be more dramatic. every juror raised a hand. we have to bring in our legal analyst, dan abrams on this one. we shook our heads when we heard this. you think of the twinkie defense. the murderer who blamed twinkies who made him do it.
7:35 am
>> i've seen wild and crazy defenses in my day. this is one of the wildest and one of the craziests. the difference here other than the twinkie defense and other defenses like that, is that if the defense is actually able to get jurors to believe that she didn't think it was real, then she's not guilty. >> she gets off. >> that's right. that would then show that she did not have the intent to commit the crime. but with that said, that's not going to be a very easy road. >> a high degree of difficulty. michael not going along with it yet. they threw in this -- it does seem to be incongruity there. the cops filming a reality tv show? >> they were. the show "cops" was there. basically, the defense is saying, the alleged victim is lying about everything. that one of her ex-boyfriends is lying about everything. meaning about text messages. there were text messages sent between her and a boyfriend, which also suggested that she somehow wanted to get rid of
7:36 am
him. and there's other evidence against her, planning, preparation, taking jewelry out of the house, et cetera. that's all very significant evidence in the context of the case. >> usually in a case like this, when you have someone on tape like that, you wouldn't want to rush to put the defendant on the stand. in this case, you have to, though, right? >> i think if the defense is serious about this, she has to testify. you always say to jurors, you cannot hold it against the defendant if she doesn't testify. i think in this particular case, that if she doesn't testify, the jurors will hold it against her because it's so dependent upon what was happening in her mind throughout this, that i think to believe the defense without her testimony is very tough. >> okay, dan. thanks. i'm sure we'll have you back on this one. >> an unbelievable case. >> okay. let's go to sam with the weather. hey, sam. >> good morning, george. we're basically talking about one-third of the country with torrential storms and tornados. let's show you what it looks like in memphis when the storms roll through. in two days, memphis had six
7:37 am
inches of rain, and torrential downpours in an area that's seen a lot of flooding. all of the rivers are carrying the water. look where the storms go today. look how much of the area is shaded in red. call it vermont, new hampshire, all the way to the gulf coast. atlanta around midnight tonight. and the carolinas, as well. the hot pink zone in the middle, where it's likely to be damaging with tornados. you have to keep an eye on that particular line of storms. this extends into the northeast, as well, today. buffalo, pittsburgh, washington, d.c., right on the edge of philadelphia. new york's not in the zone during the day today. but burlington, vermont, is. and all those storms will be here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." dancing with the royals.
7:38 am
we'll take you inside will and kate's big buckingham palace bash. plus, lindsay lohan's next public appearance. is it really going to be at the morgue? we'll explain what that means. plus, you want this, wouldn't you? a tech breakthrough that would make sure you always knew your perfect size. you would have the perfect clothes fit no matter what store you went into. does it exist? that's coming up on "gma." [ female announcer ] mother's day is not for celebrating moms. it's for celebrating all they've given us. really?! [ female announcer ] the tough love... okay, don't do that on your test. [ female announcer ] ...invaluable guidance... [ mom ] go, turn, turn, turn! [ female announcer ] ...and a lifelong friendship. do it again. [ chuckles ] ♪ [ female announcer ] mother's day is for celebrating all our moms have given us. happy mother's day. i love you. i love you. [ female announcer ] now, select cards come postage paid.
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♪ you are the dancing queen young and sweet ♪ big ben, counting down to the wedding on friday, less than 48 hours away. we hear abba, "dancing queen." >> a little sense of what's going to happen at that after-party, for 300 guests. right here behind us, buckingham palace has never seen anything
7:42 am
like this. i have my sequins top on. '70s music. '80s music. and a little bit of bollywood. it's going to be a night like none other. buckingham palace is traditionally known for formal dinners. but on friday night, the queen's primary residence will be converted into a -- disco? >> william and kate, they've got a hair-letting down. in england, we call it a knees-up. that's what it's going to be. a sitdown dinner. then, a band and disco. >> reporter: in a royal wedding first, william and kate elected to have a dinner party for an intimate circle of 300 family and friends. three rooms on the west side of the palace have been set aside for the occasion. notably the gilded red throne room, traditionally known for heads of state. >> when people are tired and want to get a breather, they can go in there and relax. >> reporter: a larger room, the
7:43 am
ballroom, will also be used, quite possibly for the disco. measuring 120 by 60 feet, it's the largest room in the palace. kate's sister, event planner, pippa middleton, has taken it upon herself to install several disco balls in the palace for the party, raising, it says, the eyebrows of palace staff. royal insiders say the nighttime party is symptomatic of a new generation of royals, poised to inherit the throne in the not-so-distant future. >> he's very easy. he's relaxed. doesn't have to be as formal as his father was. >> reporter: among the tunes expected to fill the palace friday night, abba, a reported favorite of kate. ♪ digging the dancing queen >> reporter: and will the queen be a dancing queen the night of the festivities? >> she has already said, she'll let the youngsters get on with it. and they will get on with it. >> reporter: and how will the queen be able to sleep?
7:44 am
her majesty and prince philip will be heading to windsor castle, leaving the couple and their friends to dance all night. and katie nicholls is here. what do you think about the party -- perhaps a disco party, going to be at buckingham palace friday night? >> i'm not sure i want to see glitter balls in the palace. there's more than enough bling in there. i think it's great they're having an opportunity to put their own print on this. this is for the young ones. from the start, william and kate wanted to have a party. it's a breach of all royal tradition. what the couple usually do is they go straight on off honeymoon. this is changing the guard a little bit. but i think, good for them. and william has been determined from the start to do things his own way. he's the heir apparent, and not the heir. and therefore, if he wants disco balls and wants to party all night, who is going to argue? >> and let's talk about that. it is in a sense, a changing of
7:45 am
the guard. how do you think it's going to be received here in england? >> i think people will understand that these are a young couple. they want to enjoy themselves. they want to let their hair down. and let's face it, when william is eventually king, there's not going to be opportunities like this. >> true. >> he has a chance now. and i don't think anyone would begrudge him. and the fact that the queen is leaving the palace to him for one night, for one night only, says it has her blessing. >> i love that. like the grandmother, in any family, saying off you go. we're out of here. we keep hearing, knees-up. heard it in the piece with bianna. knees-up. what exactly does that mean? >> this is not a familiar term in the states? >> not in the u.s. >> a knees-up, a big shebang, a all-nighter, we're going to rock this party, that's what it means. >> that's what it means. get your knees up and you're ready to go. >> it's knees-up, getting the dancing feet on. it's basically party time.
7:46 am
>> now that we get here, so close. we keep getting closer and closer. what is the feel? what are you hearing from everybody, now that we're getting so close to the wedding? >> i'm feeling a buzz everywhere else. but in the real core center, in the nerve center of it all, everyone is as cool as a cucumber. everyone i'm speaking to is, of course, kate's nervous. she just had a couple of days with her family. that's her calming tonic. william calms her down. actually, they've had time to prepare for this. i think they're very, very ready. >> and everyone we hear from, who knows them well, says they're calm. we're happy to hear that because of all of the frenzy and what's happening here. no press is invited to the party, i hope. >> no press invited. we'll be watching from afar. i will know exactly what's going on in the party. we want to know what you think. absolutely. it's their night. >> it is. all right, katie. thank you, as always. we're going to be checking in
7:47 am
with you, as always, from time to time. that's such a famous balcony at buckingham palace. you know, princess diana and prince charles were on the balcony. and they were shouting, kiss. >> that was the biggest breach of royal protocol we've seen. >> we're going to talk more about that. barbara walters will be along to talk about the queen. and this all leads up to our coverage, live, 4:00 a.m., on friday morning. you won't miss a thing here on abc. we'll be back. also get a free flight.
7:48 am
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7:51 am
and still to come on "gma," lindsay lohan speaks out about her latest jail sentence.
7:52 am
plus, the latest couple booted off "dancing with the stars." chris jericho and cheryl burke will be here live this morning. and now, fighting spring allergies, brought to you by allegra. you sneeze. your eyes water. you feel itchy and congested. is ate a springtime allergy or a common cold? how can you tell the difference? get the answers now at
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate in we are watching a cloudy morning on the severn in annapolis. more clouds than yesterday. a few breaks of sun trying to peek out. but we are noticing more moisture. clouds doll nateing the the skyline. temperatures upper 60s to near 70. the wind off the water helping you keep down to 6 # if annapolis -- 62 in annapolis. and 66 west friendship to 68 in sykesville. watching a band of rain on down toward the south push southwesterly winds could clip lower portionings of the eastern shore with morning showers. the flare-up of showers and
7:57 am
thunderstorms this afternoon. there's a slight risk they turn severe meaning large hail and isolated tore kneado. that's further west and south of us. about the scattered showers will be in the offing today and tonight. and the cold front moves through midday business and damaging wind and hail pushing through the afternoon with improvement beyond. today aiming for 81 the two defree guarantee. here's kim with traffic. >> reporter: we are looking at traffic beginning to slow especially as you push south on 95 further into the white march be area toward the beltway. delays are running 3 to 4 minutes down towards the 95, 895 split. looking pretty good at a fairly decent pace. an accident reported in upper co at hanover pike just south of emory road. police are on the scene and debris in the roadway still on the outer loop at york road and the closures downtown for governor schaefer's funeral. fayette choseed between gay and
7:58 am
charles chars between fayette and mulberry and all this starts around 9 a.m. stay with us. now back to new york for more of "good morning america.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ hey baby, i want to marry you ♪ [ cheers and applause ] once again, we're live, here in jolly, ole england. and, yes. kate said she will marry william. we did know that. we did find that out. of course, the big day is less than two days away. we're right outside buckingham palace. and we have some americans here. the w.k.
8:01 am
where are you from? >> we're from canton, michigan. >> what did you bring for the bride and groom? >> a university of michigan ornament. >> and do you have a diana bracelet on, too? >> yes. >> from all over. texas that is here. chicago. it goes on and on and on. we're going to tell you what it's like to be inside the palace, especially on the balcony. and barbara walters is here, as well. a rare look at queen elizabeth herself, george. robin, we're trying to match the excitement here in times square. everybody is having a good time. now, we can't quite match the grandeur of buckingham palace. but we're doing our best right here. we have a little guard stand. at buckingham palace, every day, they do the changing of the guard. and we're doing our best to match it. standing guard here in times square. our own royal buccaneer. also, we have the latest on the clothes that don't fit. anyone who has gone to the mall,
8:02 am
any woman who has gone to the mall and tried to figure out a size, knows they change from store-to-store. but this body image technology is going to change the way you shop. also coming up later, the latest couple booted off "dancing with the stars." it is chris and cheryl. their tango did not take them to the top. they're going to be here live this morning. we begin with the latest on lindsay lohan. next week, she begins serving her sentence as janitor at the los angeles county morgue. that also has jail time. ashleigh banfield has more. it seems like lindsay has determined that the best defense is a good offense. >> reporter: lindsay buttoned up and went for jay leno's late-night tv studio for a little rehab. i should say, that's image rehab. it's not everyday a convicted criminal, who has been sentenced
8:03 am
to jail four times, gets a standing ovation. >> you were in court on friday. >> yes. good friday. wasn't good for me. >> it wasn't a good friday all over. >> mercury must be in retrograde. >> reporter: pretty good mood for someone sentenced to 40 days in jail and 400 hours of community service, much of that at the county morgue. but paul has clients like lindsay. >> she'll be doing john toirl services. she will be dumping the trash and sweeping up and cleaning up. >> reporter: the judge said she violated her 2007 dui probation by stealing a $2,500 necklace. >> i was shocked. we didn't expect the outcome to be what it was. but i'm a big girl. and i'm going to do what i'm told to do. that's what i have to do to continue working in my life. and i'm taking responsibility. >> did you ever think you would go to court over all of this? i mean, it's just -- >> not when i was here and i was
8:04 am
12. >> reporter: a-listers do court-ordered labor. there was naomi campbell at the sanitation department. and paris hilton, scrubbing graffiti. and snooki shoveling manure. they all did okay. how about lindsay? out on bail, she is appealing her 120-day sentence. don't forget, in june, she has to face the trial for the alleged theft of the necklace. as you said, she clocks as the janitor at the morgue. >> and then, hopefully back to movies. let's go to sharyn alfonsi and the news. >> a string of violent weather has struck again. dozens of reported tornadoes struck five states last night. killing at least one person in arkansas and destroying more than 100 homes in eastern texas. meanwhile, relentless rain is overflowing nearly every major river in the midwest. up to 16 inches have fallen.
8:05 am
sam will have all of the weather in a moment. as many as six american troops have died after an officer in the afghan military opened fire at the airport. we learned that afghan commander general david petraeus has been asked to head the cia. that's because president obama has asked the current director, leon panetta, to replace robert gates as secretary of defense. tempers flaired when dan webster tried to explain the federal deficit. >> let him talk. let him talk. >> webster could barely get a word in as he was heckled. a police officer had to ask everyone to act like adults. in business news, starbucks has surpassed burger king and wendy's to become the number three restaurant chain in the u.s., trailing only mcdonald's and subway. it's the first time in decades
8:06 am
that two of the top five don't sell burgers or fries. and katie couric has made it official. she's leaving "cbs evening news." she says she wants to cover a greater variety of stories. sarah palin who had the infamous interview with couric in 2008, said she read about couric's departure in the newspaper. though, she didn't say which newspaper. that's the news at 8:06. and we're going to go outside to sam champion with the weather. good morning, sam. >> good morning, sharyn alfonsi. we're in times square. we're under the watchful eye of trent from nebraska, who is dressed up like a guard. trent, go ahead, crack a smile. it's not for -- really. just one. come on, trent. one. nothing. nothing. where are you guys from? jacksonville, florida? jacksonville, north carolina, right? you're a firefighter? >> yes, sir. for camp lejeune. >> my dad was a marine. we were in camp lejeune forever. happy birthday. >> thank you.
8:07 am
>> 20 -- >> one. >> one of the things we're going to show you a live shot of atlanta. atlanta, it's likely you'll get early thunderstorms that might not have been in your forecast. the plan was for the early storms to have died out before they got there. already, there were tornado watches in north georgia and the chattanooga area. it will fire up later this afternoon and into tonight. so, make sure that anybody will be watching out for strong we are live this morning.
8:08 am
and my biggest concern was, that, gabrielle, emily was freshly changed. not going to be an issue. i don't have to man anything. >> no. >> okay. george? >> sam, thanks very much. when it comes to clothes shopping, we men have it pretty easy. if we know our size, it will hold from store-to-store. women watching today knows that's not true. one clever entrepreneur has come up with a way to get the right fit no matter where you shop. sharyn alfonsi has that. >> reporter: most women will pick up two or three sizes and two or three styles before going to the dressing room. and sometimes none of them work. well, new technology can change that. the designers of a new machine say they can tell you what size in a particular item in a particular store will fit you. so, we went to check it out. if we are what we wear, many of us are confused. >> i actually go from a 0 to
8:09 am
sometimes a 4. >> i'm a size 2, all the way up to a size 6. >> reporter: the problem, that as much as the number is tied to our psyche, sizing is arbitrary. there's no true standard. consider a woman with a 27-inch waist. in marc jacobs, she would where an 8 or a 10. but at chico's, that woman is a 000. now, this device will size you up, literally. it's called my best fit. shoppers stand in this kiosk in the middle of the mall. and assume the position. think tsa minus the fun pat-down. the machine scans your body, taking 200,000 different body measurements. customers get a printout of what size and style would fit them best and what store. i decided to try it out. i need a little silent prayer. i feel like i should have gotten pray paint or something. and then, waited for my results. i feel like i'm getting my report card and the news isn't
8:10 am
good. the idea that now it's going to tell me what jeans should probably fit me. do i need to try the jeans on? >> we have a lot of people who buy them straight out. they fit and take them home. >> reporter: so, we decided to test it out. arming three scanned shoppers with their printout and sent them on a mission. they were given one hour to find a pair of jeans that actually fit. wendy's recommended jeans worked for her. no dressing room meltdown for new mom, jessica. she found two pairs on her list. >> i was in and out. >> reporter: and tiara had the jeans selected for her. three for three. not bad. i actually went and got the jeans that they suggested that i get. and i normally -- it takes me 14, 15 pair of jeans to find anything. i'm built like a 12-year-old boy. these fit. the first ones i tried on, the ones they suggested. it was a real success for me. and we're going to show you where you can actually try this system. the mall where's it will be near you. it will be online, if you can
8:11 am
check it out if you want to. george, i can imagine you standing in there like this. >> you tried it and it worked. that's fantastic. >> that's right. we're going to talk with the woman who came up with the idea. tanya shaw. ingenious. where did the idea come from? >> the idea came from my own frustration as a shopper. and seeing how many women were frustrated with the experience. and especially tying their own self-esteem into the size and the tag. >> we saw sharyn and the others, it worked. once someone gets the printout, what can they do with it? >> once they get the printout, they really have almost like a personalized shopping list. they can go directly into any store that's participating in this service. and have a guide that the clerk, the salesperson at the store, can take them directly to the product that will not only fit them but also look best on them. >> as sharyn said, no one pays anything for this. the customers don't pay anything
8:12 am
for this. but how does it work on the other end? >> so, it is a free service to the customer. the brands or the retailers pay when the recommendation is shown on the report. so, they can't pay the fee on the report. but if they show up as a garment that fits you well, they pay for that. >> the shoppers can be sure that it's something they don't want is being pushed on them. >> absolutely. >> and when you -- right now, we know it's in the king of prussia mall in pennsylvania. how more do you expect it to span? >> we expect another 13 locations at the end of this year. and probably another 400 in the next 2 1/2 years. >> we have a couple seconds left. but what's your next big idea? >> we'll save that for another segment. >> tanya, thank you very much. this is a good one. coming up, diana's bridesmaid, all grown up. she's here with the dress she wore down the aisle. and next, what's it really
8:13 am
like to be queen? barbara walters with the most famous grandmother in the world. ♪ ♪ are you having any joy? ♪ what you getting out f living? 7 ♪ what good is what you've got ifyou're not having any joy? ♪ ♪ ♪ are you having any laughs? ♪ if other people do, so can you ♪, ♪ have a little joy [ female announcer ] how does your next week look? why not get away and book royal caribbean cruise at today?
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♪ oh, yes. our continuing, live coverage from london, england. we are live, just outside buckingham palace. and every time i'm here, i am reminded of the queen's coronation, 1953. that's because my beloved grandmother was there. she happened to be in england for the birth of a grandson. my uncle was stationed, he was military and stationed close by at heathrow. and my grandmother attended the coronation. when i had the privilege of meeting prince philip, and, of course, his wife, queen elizabeth. the bushes, president bush, and mrs. bush, was so kind to invite me to a state dinner.
8:17 am
and my mom kept saying, tell the queen your story. and mrs. bush was able to help me relay that message and that story to queen elizabeth. that was a very special story for our family. and a very special night. always special to have barbara walters with us. >> what a special story. i have been introduced to the queen. i was not here for the coronation. but you do get jittery. you do get excited. you are not supposed to talk to her, unless she speaks to you first, which was very difficult for me. but you know, this is quite a week for the queen. she has a lot to celebrate this week. she just turned 85, by the way. her husband is 90. she has eight grandchildren and one great grandchild. and her grandson, prince williams, perhaps her favorite, will be married on friday. now, the queen has never expressed openly, a controversial opinion. although, she had a lot to say about the wedding guest list. but she's been a figure of
8:18 am
stability for the british people, since her earliest years. >> thousands of you in this country have had to leave your homes. >> reporter: from her very first speech, listen to her voice. at 14, a princess and heir to the throne, she was already showing compassion for the people in her kingdom and around the world. >> it will be for us, the children of today, to make the world of tomorrow a better and happier place. >> reporter: just seven years later, in 1947, at 21, she married philip and was loved even more. the british, still recovering from the second world war, donated their ration coupons. instead of feeding their own families, britons wanted to pay for their princess' wedding dress. it was still the time of the war. how did it affect the wedding?
8:19 am
>> it highlighted it. everything was drab and sad and worn out. gray, gray, gray. and suddenly, there was this fairly tale occasion. and she was in love. and she was beautiful. >> reporter: back then, a different time, there was no public kiss on the balcony. but the british mobbed the wedding procession route. look familiar? >> i now present unto you, queen elizabeth, your undoubted queen. >> reporter: and her coronation in 1953, the first-ever to be televised, is breathtaking in its power, its regal beauty and ceremony. the hat she likes to wear today is that of being a grandmother. what was it like for prince william and prince harry, with their grandmother, the queen of england? >> diana was very careful to make sure that they visited her regularly. they would go to see the grandmother for tea. they would visit her in windsor
8:20 am
and also in scotland. >> reporter: at one of her lowest points, and almost a threat to her monarchy, was her reaction to something she did or didn't do, after princess diana's death in 1997. she stayed at home in scotland, for five days, which brought great criticism from the press and the grieving crowds in london. but eventually, it healed. >> we have all been trying to help william and harry come to terms with the devastating loss that they and the rest of us have suffered. >> reporter: but the current recession in britain has fed into anti-government anger, as in december, when prince charles and camilla were attacked in their car by protesters. some even yelling, off with their heads. critics of the monarchy say, it costs a fortune. she's not elected or he's not elected. in these days, it's obsolete. >> the critics can say what they want. but it works for us. and 80% of the country, in poll
8:21 am
after poll, have said we like the monarchy. we have a completely functioning democracy. >> reporter: what does she mean to the public? >> she means history. she means continuity. she means duty. she means loyalty. one historian described the monarchy as the light above politics. >> but you know, i said, robin, she's very close to prince william. and when princess diana died, it was the queen and prince charles, who is very hands-on father. but the queen came in and comforted them. i think she's closer to the grandchildren than she was to charles. the last time, the sadness at westminster, was at princess diana's funeral. the queen has surpassed his mother and dad, in 2002, and in her sister, margaret. tomorrow is a special friday. i feel like i've been here for a month. i'm speaking with an accent.
8:22 am
hi, everyone. i'm a real bore. it's going to be a very happy day. >> on friday. >> on friday. now, okay, after the ceremony, after everything, there is going to be a big luncheon, as you know. called a breakfast, but it's a luncheon. there's going to be hors d'oeuvres. and the queen's favorite drink. do you want to try it? >> hello, lewis. >> it's two parts dubonnet, one part gin, a slice of lemon. and two, only two, ice cubes. here we are. should we drink -- thank you so much. should we drink to her majesty? >> oh, yes. >> what a way to begin the day. here we go. to her majesty. >> as we say, it's 5:00 somewhere. that's it. >> mm. >> refreshing. >> that could do it. communities are built by everyone doing their part. this year jpmorgan chase increased its lending
8:23 am
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woman: i will read. now kay jewelers brings you neil lane bridal. - this scrollwork is a vintage technique, very intricate. - each ring is an original neil lane design, for the star in your life. now maryland most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most being a the by weatherate. clouds giving way to sunshine in annapolis but people are talking about the feel of humidity and we have temperatures at 64 in annapolis and 65 sparrows point. mid to upper 60s across the board. more cloudiness and rain to the south and again south of the bay bridge eastern shore could get clipped with morning showers and more develop this afternoon. slight risk they turn severe.
8:27 am
81 the two degree guaranteed high and some
8:28 am
back to new york and we areback in a half-hour at nine.
8:29 am
♪ [ cheers ] we're back live, both there in times square and here in jolly, ole england. let's see. we started counting down by month. then, it became days. now, it's hours. less than 48 hours before will and kate walk down the aisle at westminster abbey. before will and then, they'll come here to
8:30 am
buckingham palace. and everyone will be anxiously awaiting them to go on the balcony. and we know what happens when they are there. everyone's going to be shouting, kiss, kiss, kiss. and we're going to look back. at iconic moments on that very balcony, that i can see from my perch right here. george? >> robin, i can feel it now. you look so official in that anchor booth, overlooking buckingham palace. we must be getting close. >> the first day, we're out in jeans. and now, at the palace. >> now, it's happening. >> the construction, it's really getting close. >> that's it. >> we're looking forward to getting back to you in a minute. >> i miss you guys. i miss you guys so much. >> hurry back after the wedding. couple more days to go. >> okay. >> we're going to get back to you in a second. also here in this half hour, cheryl and chris, they're the latest couple kicked off "dancing with the stars." we're going to have them here live in just a minute. now, we've got a little
8:31 am
tag-team going on here. because we have an action hero in times square. it takes all three of us. come on over here. chris is the star of "thor." it's going to be one of the biggest hits of the summer. we heard you had to bulk up for this. >> i did, yeah. i read the comic books. and the character was 700 pounds. >> think about one-third of the way there. >> yeah. >> i saw you yesterday. we actually have a copy of "the hammer," don't we? >> this is not the real hammer. but the real one was as heavy as it looked in the film? >> it was. the lighter it was, it looks like a toothbrush. the heavier one looks more impressive. this particular one -- >> doesn't look that impressive. >> it doesn't look overly powerful. but you can have that back. >> thank you very much. >> give it a shot. >> now, the heaviest thing or the worst thing you had to do
8:32 am
was twirl it around your head? in the movie, you have to create a lot of effects. >> various motions and the sections we had to invent. the costume was restrictive. the above-the-head movements were tricky. but it worked out all right. >> the other thing i think was great about it was, you and natalie portman together, there's some sort of smoldering heat going on there. was that difficult to create? or what happens with that? >> it was -- yeah. she's a beautiful woman. yeah. it's not an overly hard part of the job, i guess. it ends up being pretty unromantic. you have four or five cameras and 100 people standing around you. you feel like a teenager. where do i put my hands? >> you did well. >> folks are already talking about this. we are have another clip, as well, to show this morning. >> i have to take him to the
8:33 am
hospital. >> he's fine. look at him. >> i know you can hear me. open the pride for us. >> hospital. >> what realm is this? sorenhiem. >> new mexico. >> you don't threaten me. >> what's amazing about that is the humor that comes through with in movie. it is a fun movie to watch. >> absolutely. i think the films have big action, blockbuster. but what cranks up the tension in some of those things, is the humor. just like "ironman" and modern films. >> you're going to have a great ride all summer. what's next? >> "the avenger" is next. the incredible hulk and captain america come together and try to form an alliance. >> "thor" opens in may in
8:34 am
theaters. sam, you have to put your other hat on. >> i know. one or two things going on this morning we want to talk about. when our folks are out on the ground, we love that they send us pictures of the weather they're covering. barbara pinto sent some stuff in. jeremy hubbard, as well. you can send us anything you want on twitter, if you see things happening in your area or flooding. send it to us on twitter. let's get to the boards. we haven't talked about what's going on in the northwest today. a little more in the line of rain and snow. it's hard to believe there's snow levels dropping as low as 500 feet in the northwest. but there are. and it happens today. although, the southwest is looking beautiful, from vegas, tall way into l.a. today. it's nice and pleasant. waco coming in about 79 degrees. we have the drier air in texas that might sound good. but we're getting into high fire conditions. and then, strong to severe weather that will be in that red zone. that's anywhere from the northeast -- i am. i'm talking with the hammer. you don't see this. coming from the northeast all
8:35 am
all that weather was brought to you by kay jewelers. and though it is a lovely day today in new york city, we finally got caught up with the sunshine. robin, it looks just as beautiful there in london. >> yes. and it's hammer time. get it? hammer time? hammer time. yeah. there you go, sam. you know, at approximately 1:25 london time on friday, the bride and groom and their families will head out on that balcony right there at buckingham palace. there's been some real iconic moments on that balcony right there. and we got a peek, an intimate
8:36 am
peek, at the process and the family itself. it is, perhaps, the most prominent stage in the world. >> it's more than just p.r. they are the essence of modern context between crown and people. >> reporter: the place where the royal family takes care of business. here, in 1953, a young elizabeth became a queen. and in the oscar-winning film, "the king's speech," the balcony plays more than a supporting role. in 2005, our own charles gibson was granted rare, unprecedented access, live on "good morning america." >> and in buckingham palace, of course, you would anticipate there is a throne room. and, indeed, there is. >> bride and groom. >> reporter: then, the kiss seen around the world, by 750 million people. this spontaneous peck between prince charles and princess diana, broke royal tradition.
8:37 am
>> charming, you can see this in the footage. he looked across to his mother. it was all on their minds. and she nodded and gave consent. >> reporter: but it's the candid moments of the royals photo albums that remind us of our own family. rambunctious toddlers. that's a young prince harry. family members get to cap up, for better or worse. and the balcony is as good a spot as any to check on the weather. and sometimes a guest will literally drop by unannounced. so, royal watchers wonder, what surprise, if any, will there be for one of the most choreographed weddings? >> traditionally it's been the royal family and the new recruit. the weather would be one of the questions that, you know, we will find out. >> reporter: one thing is certain. after the wedding, prince william of wales and his bride, catherine middleton, will walk out on to the balcony and into
8:38 am
royal history. royal history. and part of that has been our abc royalty, barbara walters. you have been here for the previous -- some of the previous -- >> the previous kisses. >> yes. and you notice the difference between the two. >> there is a difference. with charles and diana, by the way, there was the first time there was a kiss on the balcony. it was very quick. it was almost embarrassed. she had only met him 13 times before they got married. five years later, prince andrew and sarah ferguson, big kiss. big smooch, compared to diana. the marriage still didn't make it. now, this couple has been living together. they know each other. they love each other. it doesn't matter if they smooch or don't smooch, does it? >> it doesn't. can't read the tea leaves. you bring up an interesting point. you think about the two that are going to get married on friday, she is the first royal bride to have a university education. the first to have lived with her husband before marriage. >> remember, that princess diana
8:39 am
was barely 20. and at that time, he had to marry an anglo-saxon, aristocracy, and a virgin. times have changed. >> yes, they have. once again, i'll drink to that. >> i just want to tell you, she's been drinking all morning. >> no. we were trying to get rid of you. to you. once again. yes. and also, i want to say, to cheryl burke and chris jericho. he got booted off? they got voted off "dancing with the stars"? >> we'll drink to them any way. again, we're in london. we didn't get a chance to see it. but george will talk to them when we come back.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
the couple with the lowest overall combined total and therefore leaving right now is -- chris and cheryl. >> len said it best. this is a wrestler you don't expect finesse and elegance. that's what everyone got with chris jericho and his partner, cheryl burke. they had to leave last night. but they join us live from los angeles. thanks for getting up early this morning, guys. >> thanks for having us. >> yes. thanks for having us. >> i was intrigued by a tweet you sent out last night. you told all your fans, you want them to know my votes went up a
8:43 am
lot this week, thanks to all of you. you said, my exit was closer than you think. you have news there? >> the entire context of the show was do the best you can. and continue to improve. and i think the fans got behind me for that. and i was really excited about the results that we had. i was sad to go home. but it was a great experience. i'm so excited about the royal wedding, i don't think i can concentrate this week. i have to go on the concord. i have a bash for prince william. a lot going on, george. >> okay. we had tony dovolani talking about you. and he was hoping you weren't going to get booted off. and in part about what you were talking about right there. no one expected you to come out and be such a graceful dancer. yet, every single week, you got better and better and better. >> i think that's the whole point of the show. is someone with no dance experience, like chris, coming here and improving every, single
8:44 am
week. that's what the show is all about. about the journey you take. and i think chris has done a great job of proving to people that he could be graceful on the dance floor. >> cheryl is being all sweet now, chris. but you said before you were terrified of cheryl burke. >> are you still terrified? >> no. cheryl's the best. any success i had on the dance floor was completely because of her. >> thank you. >> i made it a career off of low expectations. and i think i did kind of impressed the judges. >> you impressed me. >> impressed cheryl. and at this stage in the competition, it's such an even playing field, if you're not at your absolute best every night, you're going to be where we are right now. anybody can win. people ask, who do you think is going to win? i don't know. it could be any of the remaining couples, for sure. >> for sure. >> you said coming in, one of the reasons you joined "dancing with the stars," is to make your son smile. and just take a look at your son
8:45 am
after your quick step. look at that cheer. that is one happy guy. >> that is adorable. >> yeah. he had a great time. i said on the show last night, this competition envelops your entire life. and i haven't seen my kids in four weeks. so, it was fun being a dancer. i enjoyed it. but i'm really looking forward to becoming a dad again and taking care of my family because they had to kind of step aside when i did all of these crazy moves like the paso doble. look at that. >> you have moved to teach your wife. >> i did. i have some moves now. >> a lot of consolation to go home to your family. thank you for coming out this morning. >> yeah. and i still have the costumes in my closet. i will wear them at various times. >> you can take them out for a spin? >> for sure. good for pool cleaning. >> thanks for coming on this morning. thanks, cheryl, as we. do chris and cheryl deserve to
8:46 am
go home last night? cast your vote on when we come back, back to the most famous balcony in the world, with india hicks, who [ female announcer ] you do so much...
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♪ hey, baby just a little bit ago, we showed you all those iconic moments, right there, on the balcony at buckingham palace. and someone who knows it well is a woman who is sitting next to me right now. she was 13 years old then. india hicks. we see her on the balcony there.
8:49 am
we see her perched next to me here. you're a royal insider. you were in the wedding of diana and prince charles. i love that you have a new jewelry line coming out. i see some of your pieces already. we'll have to talk about that at some point. this is the actual dress you were wearing as a braids maid? >> yes. i'm more than happy to show it to you. i would not be happy to wear it. >> you weren't happy to wear it again. >> i was not happy to wear it. i was a complete tomboy. the 1980s were not a good time for fashion. now, looking back, i can appreciate that for a royal wedding, there has to be some sense of drama. and it is, now, a very romantic dress. here -- >> these are your shoes that you wore, too. >> those were my shoes that were unbareibly uncomfortable. they pinched at the end. so, i look in agony. >> one thing you can enjoy. this beautiful dress here. your mother was in queen elizabeth's wedding.
8:50 am
this was the dress that she wore? >> that's right. this is 30 years old. this is 64 years old. my mother keeps saying, it's not pretty and white. but it's history. it's history. what's interesting, is that the queen wore a satin dress, with little net stars. and this is the reverse. a net dress, with statin stars. all of england sent in their coupons so our queen could have a better wedding dress. isn't that charming? >> such a lovely story. and every time, the bride gives a gift to the bridesmaid. was this the gift from princess diana. >> my father, was sadly murdered before the wedding. and prince charles said he wanted to have the rose incorporated into diana's bouquet. and she had it set for me afterwards. i use that as a paperweight on my desk. >> what do you have here? >> that's a gift they both gave to us.
8:51 am
it has the prince of wales feathers on it. and his initials there. and a momentum there. and in there, i keep it one of the silk worms that spun the silk of diana's dress. >> india. >> it's dried up now. >> what a memory. i wonder what kate will give was gifts. we'll have to see. >> we'll have to wait and see. prince philip designed the gifts that my mother received. and she had jewels that he designed. >> all of the memories you have. india, thank you. i know the traffic is getting bad. it was hard to get here. >> it was impossible. and a stressful morning. i don't know how you do live tv every day. >> we were going to wait for you. thank you for bringing all this. we'll have much more from here in london and back home at times square, when we come back.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
and tomorrow on "good morning america," it's the big day before the really big day. and we'll be back here live, from london. it's great being here, outside buckingham palace in the morning. >> great to see you there, robin. >> and george, sam and sharyn. >> thank you for watching abc news. and watch diane sawyer from london tonight. she's going to be live. so long.
8:56 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> a little hint of moisture in the air. perhaps even some mist in spots. temperatures 66 sparrows point and 67 hereford and towson and temperatures now pushing 70 on the eastern shore. we will have a interesting day. showers showing up to the south. we have the strong flow from the south taking the threat of some of the showers south of the bay bridge southern maryland and lower eastern shore. a very unstable -- unstable environment will develop showers and storms for today. shifting to the south, you can see the flare-up of active weather to the west. now this is the general region where we have the highest risk for today. we have a slight risk of severe weather breaking through sen malmaryland including the places around the chesapeake
8:57 am
bay. but we hit bull's eye region northern sections of alabama and perhaps even clipping atlanta georgia. that is pretty much a guarantee where we will have damaging wind and large hair and tornadoes. we have a slight chance of storms firing up to that intensity this afternoon. future radar highlighting scattered showers and storms and it may be closer to baltimore than we are showing on the future radar. but the highlight that the activity will pick up as we head through the afternoon and towards the evening. watching the cold front, western maryland tomorrow morning, this one means business it climbs through the region midday lunch hour to early afternoon. and that could bring damaging wind, hail and an isolated tornado and will push off the coast by friday we are looking for better weather. today, 81 the two degree guarantee. sultry and warm and breezy with gusts over 30 miles per hour. within storms winds up to 60 miles per hour. that's limit severe weather and perhaps hail as well. and that will extend through tonight with temperatures back down to 67. more on the forecast and "good
8:58 am
morning maryland" in 90 seconds.
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